ACCESS is a multi-service architectural accessibility company. Our consultant services include building purchase surveys, design reviews, litigation counsel, and assessment of maintenance, alteration and renovation needs as it applies to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.)

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Due Diligence

ACCESS surveys existing sites and buildings to determine on-going compliance obligations with the ADA. We work with both owners and third-party project management companies for the purchase of properties. The scope of the survey and detail of the report is tailored to the needs of the team. The choice is yours.


Facility Reviews

Already own the building and need help determining ADA obligations for maintenance, alterations or renovation? We can perform a full ADA Facility Survey, review architectural drawings as well as perform on site construction site visits as the projects progress. Let us help clarify ADA responsibilities as you make changes to your property.



The ADA is a Civil Rights Law. Therefore, enforcement of the ADA rules and regulations are often implemented through lawsuits. If you find yourself in this situation, ACCESS can help by providing a third-party inspection of the property. We have experience on both plaintiff and defendant cases.